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Learning Letters!

One of the Pre K objectives in TX was being able to recognize 20 letters by the end of the school year. The majority of the kids that came through my classroom during my 9 years teaching started the year knowing 0-2 letters at the age of four. That is very low but thankfully I was able to get most up to or close to the objective.
Plush letters

I was not a drill and kill teacher, Prekindergarten should be fun and learning at this age and younger should happen through play. There are so many crafts, games, songs and rhymes that can be used with your kids starting pretty young that will help them learn letters.

Finding O’s on the plaque

To a toddler, finding letters is fun!  The little girl knows three letters, o e and a. She delights in finding these letters everywhere we go- park benches are her favorite. ‘O’ is most definitely her favorite letter but I wanted to get her as excited for the first letter in her name.

Today, I decided to pull an activity that I used to do the first week of school,  with some modifications, of course. I gave the little girl a cardboard E that I cut out from one of the many boxes that we have. She decorated it with markers and stickers (all things that begin with E). During the whole process I just continuously talked about the letter and all the different stickers. She loved it.

Markers! Stickers! A big letter to put in her room and play with!


Please note, that there is nothing here about associating letters to their sounds. We are just playing with letters here. 🙂

Magnetic Letters
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