Fun and easy activities to do with your toddler that promote early language and literacy

Learning Colors

on July 16, 2012

One of the things that the little girl has started figuring out lately is colors. She loves drawing with her crayons and markers and has started to learn the names of some colors. Not surprisingly, the first color she learned was pink. Green came next, then black and now red and blue.

Skill: Identifying Colors (either by matching and/or naming)

UntitledTo help foster this learning, and excitement about colors, we have been doing a lot of fun activities that involve colors. The easiest is just using the crayons and markers. Every time she picks out one to use I make sure to mention what color she is using and mention other things that are that color. Red marker= same as Elmo! She will usually go and find Elmo (her stuffy) to hold the crayon next to him. Easy and fun!

Activity: Color Scavenger Hunt

Red.A fun activity to do is a color scavenger hunt. I have a set of bean bags that I put in a bag and have the little girl (or me) pull out one. Whatever color comes out is the color we go roaming the house looking for. Since she is not even 2 yet, we do this together. For older kids, you could give them a basket to put the objects they find as they go on the scavenger hunt on their own. So fun! The little girl really enjoys this, and will sometimes start matching objects all on her own.

Materials needed-

paper bag

beanbags (or paper) in different colors


Book: Pantone® Colors
Cool new book for the little girl.
I found this book at the deYoung Museum’s gift shop. It is wonderful. So bright and colorful. It has  so many different shades of each color. It is also a very simple, one word per page book that is perfect for toddlers and it is a great sized board book. You can check out my more detailed review and see some pics on my book blog, MariReads.


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